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We're excited to share groundbreaking news from Topigeon UK that will revolutionize the pigeon racing experience – our all-new GPS Vehicle Tracking Service! Designed with pigeon fanciers and race conveyors in mind, this service offers unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.

Pigeon Conveyor

Why GPS Vehicle Tracking?

Pigeon racing is not just about the birds; it's about the entire journey, from marking point to liberation site. With Topigeon UK's GPS Vehicle Tracking Service, race transporters can now be precisely tracked throughout their journey, ensuring they follow the intended route without deviations.

Traccar Server Features

At the heart of our GPS Vehicle Tracking Service is the robust Traccar Server. Here are some key features that make it an ideal choice:

Important Clarification: Birds Remain Private

It's crucial to note that our GPS Vehicle Tracking Service exclusively focuses on tracking the race transporters, not the individual birds. This ensures the privacy and well-being of your feathered competitors.

Padlock on Pigeon Loft

Enhancing Your Pigeon Racing Experience

Topigeon UK is committed to elevating the pigeon racing experience for fanciers and conveyors alike. Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Service, powered by the reliable Traccar Server, brings a new level of precision, security, and peace of mind to every race.

Ready to explore the benefits of GPS tracking for your race transporters? Contact us to learn more and take your pigeon racing journey to new heights!

The French Colombofile Federation conducts reliability tests on electronic clocking systems: tests have recently been carried out for Unikon, Benzing, and Bricon systems.

The French Colombofile Federation has identified a flaw in the Unikon system, which does not guarantee the reliability of clocking data in the current version of Unikon used in France.

The French Colombofile Federation obtained a ring copier on AliExpress for less than 20 euros. This ring copier was tested on Unikon, Benzing, and Bricon systems.

The French Colombofile Federation carried out the following operations during a competition simulation: the rings were copied before being placed in the loft using the device purchased online onto a digital medium; this digital medium was then passed over the landing board to simulate the return of the pigeon.

During tallying, an error code appeared on the Benzing and Bricon lists but not on Unikon. This leads the FCF to assert that the Unikon system does not generate secret ring codes upon loft entry: therefore, the Unikon system cannot detect manipulation of the data.

The French Colombofile Federation cannot remain inactive. The existence of this ring copier is known to a few enthusiasts. While enthusiasts were compelled to undergo a paid update of their Unikon system a few years ago, it is evident that a new update is necessary to eliminate any possibility of fraud.

The French Colombofile Federation instructs Unikon to address this technical flaw before the 2024 season so that we can conduct new tests before the resumption without imposing a new financial cost on French enthusiasts.

In the coming weeks, other electronic systems accessible in the French market will be tested.


Topigeon UK, the new provider of cutting-edge iPigeon pigeon clocks, witnessed an exhilarating wave of positivity during their participation in the annual Racing Pigeon Show at the prestigious Doncaster Racecourse on November 4th, 2023. While it's easy to get lost in the details of the iPigeon V8 clock, first launched in 2016, this article will primarily focus on the splendid event itself, emphasizing the engagement between the Topigeon UK team and the enthusiastic show attendees. This event not only served as a fantastic introduction for Topigeon UK to their existing iPigeon customers but also holds the promise of inspiring future growth and success.

The Racing Pigeon Show: A Grand Spectacle

The Unmissable Doncaster Racecourse Venue

The Doncaster Racecourse has earned its reputation as one of the most iconic venues for the annual Racing Pigeon Show. Nestled in the heart of Doncaster, this exquisite racecourse provides an ideal setting for pigeon enthusiasts to gather, connect, and celebrate their shared passion.

Enthusiastic Pigeon Lovers Galore

The event saw an incredible turnout of pigeon aficionados from across the UK and beyond. Enthusiastic attendees flocked to the Doncaster Racecourse to partake in this grand celebration of all things pigeon. The buzz and excitement were palpable, creating an electric atmosphere that set the stage for Topigeon UK's remarkable debut.

TOPigeon UK Stand Doncaster

Unveiling the Topigeon UK Booth

Topigeon UK made a statement with their impressive booth, strategically located at the heart of the event. This well-organized and visually appealing space was designed to capture the attention of show-goers and provide them with a hands-on experience of the cutting-edge iPigeon pigeon clocks.

iPigeon V8 Clock: A Brief Overview

Before we delve deeper into the Racing Pigeon Show experience, let's briefly recap the remarkable iPigeon V8 clock features that have captivated pigeon enthusiasts since its launch in 2016:

Topigeon UK's Showtime

Interacting with Enthusiastic Attendees

One of the most remarkable aspects of Topigeon UK's presence at the Racing Pigeon Show was the genuine and engaging interaction between the team and the attendees. The Topigeon UK representatives demonstrated an in-depth understanding of pigeon enthusiasts' needs, answering questions, and providing insights into the innovative iPigeon pigeon clocks.

Brand Representation Beyond Expectations

The brand ambassadors from Topigeon UK exuded professionalism, enthusiasm, and a deep passion for pigeons. Attendees not only had the opportunity to learn about the products but also felt a sense of belonging to a community of pigeon lovers, thanks to the team's warm and welcoming approach.

Attracting Attention with Live Demonstrations

Topigeon UK's booth was a hub of activity, featuring live demonstrations of their iPigeon pigeon clocks. These captivating displays showcased the clock's functionality and ease of use, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

A Bright Future for Topigeon UK

Inspiring Existing iPigeon Customers

For existing iPigeon customers, the Racing Pigeon Show was an exciting chance to discover the innovations brought forth by Topigeon UK. The event not only reinforced their trust in the brand but also showcased the commitment to quality and advancement.

Encouraging Future Growth

The positive response at the Doncaster Racecourse is a clear indicator of the potential growth for Topigeon UK. The company's presence at such a prestigious event paves the way for expanding their customer base and establishing a strong foothold in the racing pigeon community.


In summary, Topigeon UK's participation in the annual Racing Pigeon Show at the Doncaster Racecourse on November 4th, 2023, was nothing short of a resounding success. The brand's remarkable booth, the engaging interaction with attendees, and the live demonstrations of the iPigeon pigeon clocks all contributed to an unforgettable experience. While the iPigeon V8 clock remains a flagship product, this article underscored the significance of the event itself, highlighting its potential to shape the future of Topigeon UK. As the brand continues to thrive and inspire existing iPigeon customers, it also sets its sights on broader horizons, ready to welcome new enthusiasts into the fold. Topigeon UK's journey is on an upward trajectory, fueled by passion and innovation, promising a future bright with possibilities.

In the exhilarating world of pigeon racing, every second counts. To gain a competitive edge and ensure accurate race timing, pigeon racers across the globe are turning to cutting-edge technology. In this blog post, we'll explore the undeniable advantages of using the iPigeon Clock – a game-changing innovation that's redefining the pigeon racing experience.

Advantage #1: Precision Timing

The iPigeon Clock is renowned for its precision. It offers racers an unparalleled advantage by providing accurate and reliable race time tracking. Gone are the days of manual timing errors; with the iPigeon Clock, you can trust that every second is counted accurately.

In the world of pigeon racing, where races are often won or lost by mere seconds, the iPigeon Clock's precision is a game-changer. Its cutting-edge technology employs GPS and synchronized timing mechanisms that leave no room for error. Each pigeon's arrival is recorded with utmost precision, ensuring fair and accurate race results.

Advantage #2: Efficiency and Speed

Say goodbye to the painstaking process of manual clocking. The iPigeon Clock streamlines the entire timing process, allowing you to focus more on your pigeons' performance and less on administrative tasks. This efficiency translates into a speedier and smoother race day experience.

The traditional method of clocking pigeons required meticulous record-keeping and manual data entry, often leading to delays and errors. With the iPigeon Clock, all data is captured automatically, reducing the risk of data entry mistakes and ensuring that race results are available promptly. This efficiency allows racers to devote more time and energy to strategic race planning and pigeon care.

Advantage #3: Fair Play

The iPigeon Clock ensures fair play in pigeon racing. It eliminates the potential for human error or bias in timing, providing a level playing field for all racers. Rest assured that your pigeons are judged solely on their merit.

Human involvement in timing can introduce subjectivity and unintentional errors. With the iPigeon Clock, every racer benefits from the same objective and accurate timing process. This transparency enhances the integrity of pigeon racing and fosters healthy competition.

Advantage #4: Enhanced Competitiveness

In the world of pigeon racing, even the slightest advantage can make a difference. By adopting the iPigeon Clock, you join a community of forward-thinking racers who are committed to staying ahead of the competition.

The iPigeon Clock isn't just a tool; it's a strategic advantage. Pigeon racers who embrace this technology gain an edge over their competitors. With precise timing, efficient data management, and a commitment to fair play, iPigeon users consistently achieve better results and strengthen their reputation in the racing community.


In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of pigeon racing, the iPigeon Clock stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. Its numerous advantages, including precision timing, efficiency, and ensuring fair play, make it an indispensable tool for every serious pigeon racer. Stay ahead with iPigeon and experience the future of pigeon racing timekeeping.

With the iPigeon Clock, you not only enhance your racing performance but also contribute to the evolution of pigeon racing itself. This technology represents the convergence of tradition and innovation, ensuring that the sport continues to thrive and captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

The iPigeon Clock ecosystem, as depicted above, highlights how its core features work together to provide unparalleled advantages to pigeon racers. From pinpoint accuracy to enhanced competitiveness, iPigeon is a must-have for racers aiming to lead the flock.

Embrace iPigeon, stay ahead of the curve, and watch your pigeons soar to victory. In the dynamic world of pigeon racing, precision and efficiency are the keys to success, and the iPigeon Clock unlocks these advantages like no other.

Remember, in the quest for victory, every second counts, and iPigeon ensures that you never miss a beat. Get ready to elevate your pigeon racing experience – choose iPigeon, choose victory.

We're thrilled to announce a significant development in the world of pigeon racing technology! Topigeon UK is honored to take the reins from PBO Solutions as the authorized distributor for Avance Tech's cutting-edge iPigeon ETS in the UK and Ireland, starting from the end of September 2023.

A Seamless Transition

First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to PBO Solutions for their exceptional work as agents for iPigeon ETS. Their dedication to advancing pigeon racing technology has set a strong foundation, and we're committed to building upon their legacy.

The Next Evolution in ETS Technology

The iPigeon is a revolutionary Electronic Timing System (ETS) that seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with the demands of pigeon racing. With features like GPS, GSM connectivity, and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the iPigeon offers unparalleled precision and convenience.

Effortless Racing and Training Management

Managing your racing and training activities has never been easier. The iPigeon simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on what you love most—raising and racing your pigeons. It's not just a timing device; it's a racing companion.

Advanced Communication

Stay connected with your pigeons and your fellow enthusiasts. iPigeon can send SMS notifications to up to five mobile devices, ensuring you're always in the loop. Plus, it can transmit arrival information to a web database accessible via any web browser or a dedicated mobile app.

Streamlined Setup

We understand the importance of a hassle-free experience. Topigeon UK is here to assist you every step of the way. We can pre-register and assign rings for you, and configure the iPigeon to use a SIM card for SMS notifications of arrivals. Our goal is to make adopting this technology as smooth as possible.

Ordering Information

While we eagerly await our first shipment of iPigeon devices from the manufacturer, we're ready to assist with your inquiries and orders. Be among the first to experience the future of pigeon racing technology with iPigeon through Topigeon UK.

Join Us in This Exciting Journey

As the new distributor for iPigeon ETS, Topigeon UK is committed to enhancing the pigeon racing experience for enthusiasts across the UK and Ireland. We can't wait to embark on this journey with you, and together, we'll take pigeon racing to new heights.

Stay tuned for updates and more exciting developments as we step into this new chapter of pigeon racing technology.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Warm regards,
Topigeon UK


Absolutely! Topigeon UK is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to iPigeon ETS. We offer support for pre-registering and assigning rings, configuring SIM cards for SMS notifications, and guiding you through the setup process.

We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first shipment from the manufacturer. As soon as they are in stock, we will notify our customers promptly. Rest assured, we are working diligently to minimize any delays.

You can place your orders and make inquiries by contacting our dedicated team via email or phone. We'll be happy to assist you with the ordering process and provide any necessary information.

Yes, iPigeon ETS is designed to manage both racing and training activities seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to track and analyze the performance of your pigeons in various scenarios.

Yes, iPigeon's web database can be accessed using any web browser on various devices. Additionally, it offers a dedicated mobile app for enhanced convenience, ensuring compatibility with different operating systems.

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