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Live Clocking & Home Evaluation Included Out-of-the-box. No other devices or smart hub required

iPigeon Features

At iPigeon, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of remarkable features, meticulously tailored to ignite and fuel your racing spirit. With cutting-edge technology at its core, iPigeon represents the future of pigeon racing, revolutionizing the way racers compete and experience the sport.

Discover how iPigeon's powerful tools and innovations empower racers worldwide to not just participate but to excel and soar to victory. From its lightning-fast clocking speed that ensures accurate and timely results to its extensive memory capabilities, enabling you to manage vast racing teams effortlessly, iPigeon paves the way for unparalleled performance.

Display 7 inch LCD Touch Graphic Display

Experience pigeon racing like never before with iPigeon's 7-inch LCD Touch Graphic Display. Immerse yourself in the sport with its high-resolution visuals and user-friendly touch interface. Access crucial race data, manage your pigeons, and elevate your racing game with iPigeon's cutting-edge display.

Real Time Push Notification

iPigeon is your gateway to real-time updates in the world of pigeon racing. Stay ahead with instant alerts on race progress, loft monitoring, and landing analyses, delivered directly to your mobile device or computer. Customize your preferences and embrace the power of real-time communication with iPigeon, bringing you closer to victory.

Approved By FCI Approved

iPigeon - FCI Approved. Join the ranks of top racers worldwide with our advanced and officially recognized timing system. Race with confidence, knowing that iPigeon meets the high standards set by the FCI, making it your trusted choice for international club races. Elevate your racing journey with iPigeon's FCI Approved technology.

Clocking Speed Up to 50 pigeons per second

Experience lightning-fast clocking speed with iPigeon - capable of handling up to 50 pigeons per second. Our advanced technology ensures precise and efficient timing, giving you a competitive edge in every race. Say goodbye to delays and enjoy the exhilaration of accurate and high-speed clocking with iPigeon. Race to victory with the unmatched clocking speed of iPigeon!

3G and LTE 4G Communication

Stay connected with iPigeon's advanced communication capabilities - UMTS 3G and LTE 4G support. Experience real-time updates and fast data transfer during your races, and focus on what matters most – racing your pigeons to victory. Embrace the future of pigeon racing technology with iPigeon, ensuring seamless communication for racers worldwide.

Capable of storing 10,000 Pigeons

Experience unparalleled storage capacity with iPigeon's Memory Capable of storing 10,000 pigeons. With iPigeon, you have the flexibility and convenience to expand your racing team without any constraints, providing you with the ultimate racing advantage. Embrace the power of comprehensive data management with iPigeon's impressive memory capability!

More Features

All new clocks come pre-loaded with an activated SIM card and data for one race season. You can see your Live Arrivals on the web or on your phone. Install the TOPigoen Online mobile app to get Live Arrival Notifications. The app is a free download for iOS and Android devices.


The V8 iPigeon clock comes packed with features and is built with security in mind:

  • Design First All-in-One clocking design in the world
  • Operation User friendly with robust keyboard
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Worldwide Presence More than 20 Countries, 20 One Loft Races, and more than 10,000 active lofts
  • Continuous Clocking Optional V8 Continuous Clocking Device continues to clock pigeons even when your clock is not present in the loft (supports up to 2 clocks per loft)
  • Connectivity Built-in internet connectivity by UMTS 3G or LTE 4G
  • Display 7 inch LCD Touch Graphic Display
  • Antenna Connectivity Connect Up to 50 Pad Antennas
  • Loft Diagnostics Loft Monitoring for Antenna Status (additional data charges apply)
  • Online Results Free Real-Time Live Race Results on (no additional device required)
  • Real Time Viewing TOPigeon Online available on the web and as an app for Phones/Tablets
  • Real-Time Push Notifications Live Arrival Alert Notifications in iOS and Android with free installed TOPigeon Online app
  • Security Hi-tag RFID with secret random code to meet FCI requirements
  • Report Final Results and Basketing List available to print online
  • Power Backup Optional Battery Pack and Car Battery Crocodile Clips
  • Time Accuracy / Synchronizations Accurate Time Synchronization through GPS and Operator
  • Club Software User friendly Interface with Topigeon cloud data synchronization and backup – FCI approved
  • GPS Coordinates GPS built-in, no additional devices required
  • eBand Assignment Assign eBand using the clock at home or with the club unit
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